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Dear Reader, In allknows.com we allow guest posts Now. At first let us understand what is guest post and its benefit.

We generally discuss guest posting and its benefit. For getting your rank higher and increment your domain authority are extremely important. Now-a-days produce coordinate buckling  isn't a simple task. Here we can get various backlinks by guest posting in different locales. Guest post can work shocking to produce immense focused on traffic, meeting different bloggers. There might be diverse methods for guest posting, I will recommend each blogger to attempt guest posting on different blogs. In the event that you are as yet not aware of the advantages of visitor posts, these articles will most likely help you.

  • Do you think guest Posting is a waste of time:

Many of us think that why should I write on other’s blog? What is my benefit? But have you ever think why do other famous blogger write on numerous blogger sites? No? Yes you can’t believe but if you find any famous blogger thread you can understand very clearly. Main reason for writing a quality blog on other site is that for gaining the popularity. It’s a dream of every blogger to become a celebrity in blogosphere, and if your writing is much more creative, people will know you gradually and your site traffic will be increased.

Is it wasting of time writing Guest Post on other site:

You may wonder sometime guest posting is just wasting or killing our time. Do you? But I used to think like that. But trust me it is great to post quality blog on numerous sites. Your writing will be there forever and you can get the traffic ever after years also. And your reader will surely visit your site for your blogs. Guest posting works like network or connecting people to your writing.

  • Increase your Fan- Followings:

In every site have their trusted reader. They always visit their favorite sites go through their blogs. When you post something in their site, their trusted reader will surely visit something on your blog. Any if you are writing some quality blog generally you will gain the reader’s trust. Thus Guest Blogging is important to gain higher traffic and again your trusted readers.

  • Relation With Other Bloggers:

In terms of gaining popularity in Blogosphere it is very important to gain the trust of reader and as well as other popular blogger also. And Guest blogging is the way to highlight your writing and thus other famous blogger will notice you. If you are writing creative and quality post on other popular blog, surely you will be a part of their popularity. And thus you can gain the traffic on your site also.

  • Things to remember while writing a Guest Post
  1. Write a Creative Content:

Your content should be very original and creative. Number of reader will read your post. So there should not be any mistake. Guest Post is not writing in your own network, all famous and  popular blogger will read your post. So you have to be very careful.

      2.Promote Your Writing, Not You:

Don’t go for personal branding. Promote your content. If your content is impressive you will generate  the traffic anyway. Don’t give any link and website name, if there is too much of link in your     content then  your content will be marked  as spam. And you  may be rejected as Guest Blogger.

    3.Be ready after Guest Post:

After your posting guest post the visitor will surely come to your site. So you have to be ready with your updated contents and you should have that much of content that your reader is bound to visit your site regularly.

  • Guidelines For Guest Post:

Writing Guest Post means you are showing your writing in front of the whole world, the famous blogger and you will create your trusted reader by your writing. So basically Guest Post is a platform for the blogger to communicate with the bigger world. So you need to keep in mind some guidelines or some rules.

  1.Your Blog should be original:

Your writing should be original and fresh. By guest posting you are communicating with the famous blogger and educated readers. So all your reader want some updated and creative content. Remember one thing people love to read uncommon facts and good writing. So write a good original content and get huge traffic in regular basis.

2.Be aware of  Spam Post:

Always promote your content. Don’t Give any link or website in your post. This is your first Guest post. So this is very important for you. Don’t waste this opportunity to communicate with your readers and other bloggers. What I am trying to say is, if you give too much of links in your content, this will resulted as a spam post. So you will be eliminated for the Guest Post. So always promote your content.

3.Avoid Posting adult content:

Your guest post is following by number of trusted readers and world class bloggers. So you need to be careful for your reputation. Because by guest posting you can generate huge traffic in your site. So here avoid the adult content that will generate the trust of your readers towards your writing.

Last but not the least Guest Posting is a platform to perform in front of a vast community, bigger network. Write creative and original content. You will gain trust of your reader and surely you will generate huge traffic.

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