Know before booking hotel for weekend tour

Know before hot booking
Know before hotel booking

When we are going for any vacassion in an exotic place we have some prejudice imagination for our travel trip.The most important part of our travel is Hotels.We want some fabulous nice place  to stay with our family and friends.After a long time the whole family members or friends plan for any vacassion for a certain period of time.So we all want to make our trip memorable.Here are some tip to find your best hotel destination.


1.Do your Homework before the travel:

Pre travelling homework is very necessary.You need do check different hotels online and the quality of the hotels.If you satisfied with the hotel then you should book online or else you can visit physically and look out the facility,services,foods,rooms and then book the Hotel.Don't hesitate to ask any question if you have any query.

2.Compare different sites:

Now a days there are several sites in online for booking a Hotel.You can go to each and every hotel site and compare the price,quality of the hotels.There are many online hotel booking site like,,,, can go to their site and compare the hotels you like.

3 Select Location:

Before booking the Hotel you need to see the location whether it is in a prime place or odd.Location of your hotel while travelling means a lot.If you go to a beach side then your hotel must be facing the beach so that you can feel the nature and cherish the moment.Like if you are going to any hill station your hotel should be in top of the hill then only you can feel the adventure of your tracking.

4.Check Reviews:

This is very important step to check the reviews of the hotel in everysite. The visitors who already visited the places or Hotels their reviews are very precious.They share their whole experience with the hotel room,service,food,behaviour and every other things.You can get an overall ideas throughout their reviews.

5.Confirmation by calling:

Don't hesitate to call directly to the hotel for the booking process,booking amount,and other services you want.You don't need to do prebooking. Always Go to the place and see the place physically and then you can book.

6.Take the essential documents with you:

While travelling you need to take all your required documents along with is very important.If any hotel don't ask for any documents then this hotels are not genuine. Any registered and reputed hotels ask for proper documents.Be aware of this.


7.Book Hotels from Agents:

Many of us believe in agents.You can do all your bookings done previously before travelling by the travelling agents.They can give you tour packages and other discounts offer.You can check out online also the on going discounts of the hotels,packages everything.You can ensure it by calling in the given number.

8.Check the hotel cab/car facility:

It is very important to check whether the hotel have cab facility to the Airport,Railway Station,Bus station and other destination point.If they have this facility you can save your precious time and explore more in  a short time and that will reduce your extra efforts as you can find cars or cab for everyplace in one point.

So not but the least We want to make your tour memorable with lots of fun and love so that all the time you can cherish your travel story. Thats why we are trying to  give your all the information regarding your tour and travel.Most importantly take a healthy food and taking care of yourself and your loved one is very important in the trip.


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